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We don’t want to give you a technical explanation of what Search Engine Optimization is,but simply to tell you what Continuum can do with SEO for your business.The web is wonderful and dynamic, but at the same time complex, chaotic and ever-changing.

Don’t be caught unprepared! First of all, your website must acquire importance in relation to the competitors present in the same market. to do this we must “satisfy” the two main players: the algorithm of the search engines and the users.

The former are happy if they find a website that is easy to navigate and that is part of a well-defined semantic context. Furthermore, the site must be light, fast and easy in its structure. The users are a little harder to please and inevitably affect search engines as well. This happens because an algorithm will better evaluate a site belonging to a certain sector with thousands of daily users than one with a just a few. Especially if some of the visitors have already visited the same website some time before. Our task will be to create an environment where your target users find what they are looking for both informationally and commercially, in a technical context optimized for search engines.

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